We’re looking for Beta Testers

We’re looking for beta testers to assist with the testing of CynderFS, our new filesystem isolation system. Beta testers will assist us in testing:

  • WordPress Core and Plugin functionality
  • Filesystem Reliability
  • PHP Functionality
  • Filesystem Security

This test will take place over a period of three months – during this time, beta testers will be provided access to a stripped down WordPress hosting platform free of charge with unlimited resources. Testers should:

  • Use/develop on WordPress as normal and report and bugs to us

Given that this platform is in a beta state, we make no guarantees over the reliability, security, redundancy, or any other guarantee thereof of this platform. Backups will not be kept – we highly recommend against running production websites on our beta platform, and any important data should be backed up offsite.

At the conclusion of the Beta, testers who’ve completed the trial will be issued complementary account credit for use on any hosting plan.

Sign up below – testing will start rolling out on 2/23/2021

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