Merry Christmas!

It’s been a wild year. This was the year of our official launch, and there certainly were some bumps along the way.

Yet, we’re proud of where we are and thankful to those who’ve supported us and stayed with us, especially from the very beginning. We’re proud to say we’ve now served nearly 2000 clients in the past year!

We’re also super thankful for our support team, development team, and server admins for bringing us where we are. They’re truly the backbone and everything we do and we would not be here without them.

We’re also super thankful to our partners, especially StackPath, Datadog, and IBM for their continued support and guidance.

We won’t bore you with more text to read now. Kick back, drink a cup of hot chocolate, and enjoy your Christmas!

Happy Holidays!

– John Karl, COO

– Ivan Lin, CEO

Credits to Paul Neave and Gore Wang for the awesome animations!

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